Message from District 97P Leadership Committee Chair
Nassara Suwasaraporn, DTM – 5th January 2020

Dear District 97P Leaders,

Nominations sought for the positions of District 97P Officers (District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and Division Directors) for the term 2020-2021 are now open.

If you are passionate about serving the District and driving it to reach new heights, please carefully consider the attached materials: ‘District Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities’ before completing and submitting your Nominating Form, Candidate Application and District Leader Biographical Information including the Officer Agreement and Release Statement.

In case you want to nominate your colleagues, please ensure that they are willing and able to serve the District selflessly besides the required qualifications and responsibilities for a position.

Candidate interviews by the Leadership Committee will be scheduled in February. More details will be sent to those who receive an interview.
Elections for elected positions will be held at the annual District Council meeting on 23 May 2020

Please note

All fully completed forms must reach D97P Director’s Office c/o District Leadership Committee Chair (DLC Chair), Nassara Suwasaraporn, DTM at before 11.59 pm of 5th Febuary 2020. Nominations and documents received after the deadline will not be considered.

  • Floor candidates who have completed the evaluation process conducted by the DLC are eligible to run from the floor at the annual District Council meeting according to Article VII, Section (e) of the District Administrative Bylaws.
  • Eligible floor candidates shall declare their intent to run in writing to the DLC Chair after the DLC report has been published and at least one (1) week prior to the annual District Council meeting.

Toastmasters yours,

Nassara Suwasaraporn, DTM
Immediate Past District Director
District 97P Leadership Committee Chair

Call for Nominations

Candidate Application

District Leader Nominating Form

District Leadership Committee Protocol

District Officer Biographical Info GD 1

DLC – District Administrative Bylaws VII and XI

Officer Agreement and Release Form

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