TI Region Advisor’s brilliant visit to District 97

By CGD Nuchanath Aumpradithpun, DTM District 97P Toastmasters was honored to welcome DTM Brillian S.K to our District. Dr. Brillian conducted a “Building Corporate Clubs” session during the 3rd District Executive Committee Meeting (DEC) on October 20th....

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Smedley Club Award

Are You Ready for the Smedley Award Membership Contest?   What is it? In honour of Toastmasters founder Ralph Smedley, can your club add five new, dual, or reinstated members between August 1 and September 30? Applications and payments for members who join...

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5 Tips to Spot Prospective Leaders

One of the biggest challenges for club officers is finding future leaders. Identifying these members involves planning, teamwork, and collaboration with the leadership team. Here are a few tips to help with the search

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