By CGD Nuchanath Aumpradithpun, DTM

District 97P Toastmasters was honored to welcome DTM Brillian S.K to our District. Dr. Brillian conducted a “Building Corporate Clubs” session during the 3rd District Executive Committee Meeting (DEC) on October 20th. The DEC meeting was attended by the District Executive Committee members with a club member from Chiang Mai Toastmasters Club participating as observer.

The timing of Dr. Brillian’s session was very appropriate to the occasion, especially when the District strives to meet the minimum requirement of 60 clubs by December 2019. He reminded the District leadership the importance of identifying the stakeholders’ needs and preparing for our conversation with them. He shared his personal experience on how Toastmasters can partner with companies’ decision makers and HR in achieving the companies’ goals.

Later in the afternoon, Dr. Brillian facilitated a workshop on “Learn How to Judge, Learn How to Win” session during the Speech Contest Training hosted by the District. The training was attended by 80 Toastmasters members from varying clubs in Thailand. Facebook Live was taken and shared with other Toastmasters clubs within District 97P. In this workshop, we learned how to effectively judge a Toastmasters speech contest and review the ballots for the International Speech and Table Topics speech contests. More importantly, we learned the difference between judging a contest speech and evaluating a speech.

On October 21st, Dr. Brillian and the District demonstration team conducted the demonstration meeting at International Institute for Trade and Development (ITD), a government entity and public organization established under the Royal Decree in 2001. ITD Executive Director, Dr. Cherdsak Virapat and 40 staff members experienced first-hand how a Toastmasters meeting was run. Serving as General Evaluator, Dr. Brillian and the District Leaders succeeded in sharing how an in-house Toastmasters program could benefit ITD and its employees. The charter process was then discussed.

Later, that same evening, Dr. Brillian graced Bangkok Toastmasters Club’s meeting with his presence. In his moving speech, “Coincidences,” he shared with us his Toastmasters journey, starting from November 8, 2008. According to him, nothing is ever a coincidence. There is a wisdom behind everything. You are where you are for a reason. He recounted the time his wife insisted he checked out Bombay Toastmasters Club. Not wishing to become a couch potato, watching too much TV, he decided to visit the club.
He was called to the stage to respond to a Table Topics question and won a ribbon for Best Table Topics question. On that day, he realized Toastmasters could help shape him to be a better communicator and leader.

He also explained how he was given the opportunity to do many other things in his life, capitalizing on what he has learned from Toastmasters. This includes opportunities to judge various debates, moderate panel discussions and become a TEDx speaker. He also shared success stories about other Toastmasters from his district who became successful in life, which includes being stand-up comedians, inspiring professional trainers, etc.

Dr. Brillian’s short but impactful speech added value to those who were present at the meeting. He was able to illustrate how Toastmasters membership can transform lives. He concluded by motivating all the members and guests to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zone to become more effective communicators and leaders.

His take-home message was: “the more you give away. the more you get back” – Bruno Gaussian.

Dr. Brillian is now serving as Regional Advisor for Region 13, supporting District Directors, Program Quality Directors, Club Growth Directors and Public Relations Managers within Region 13 to maximize our performance and achieve our District Mission.

Thank you, Dr. Brillian, for your time, patience and guidance. Under your leadership, we believe we can work toward lifting the “provisional” status from District 97 and become a full-fledged district by 2020.

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