Reveal your Identity for your Community

#ProudD97Toastmaster Campaign


Did you know more than half of our members in the district joined Toastmasters because they first learned about it from their friends? How many of your friends know that you are a Toastmaster? Maybe it’s time to spread the word further and be a #proudD97Toastmaster! It’s easy!

First. Update your Facebook profile photo with our district frame (Try it here: and mention that you are a Toastmaster member of your club. Or mention your position if you’re an officer, and set it to Friends or Public. Now, everyone can see that you’re a Toastmaster when they visit your page. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Blog, Website, etc.

Second. Inspire your friends with your Toastmasters journey and on what you do in your club by posting updates on your speeches, meeting roles, and whatever you do you as a Toastmaster.

Third. Like and Follow our district social accounts to get the latest updates on Toastmasters International and our district.

Finally. Get ready to answer inquiries from your friends about Toastmasters and invite them to your next club meeting. If they’re overseas, encourage them to find the nearest Toastmasters club in their area.

Let’s spread the benefits we get from being Toastmasters to our friends by revealing our identity to our community! Be a Proud Toastmaster!

Sample accounts:


Clubs with 80% or more compliance will get a chance to win a Personalized District Banner reward!
Eligible clubs will be raffled to have one winning club each from each division! Club VPPRs are responsible to report compliance to the district PRM at subject: #proudd97toastmaster campaign on or before 30 September. Announcement of winners is on 15 October.

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