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Club Officers Training

Club Officers Training (COT) is the special training organized by District 97P to provide guidelines for all Toastmasters who hold responsibilities in Toastmasters Clubs, for example President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer or Sergeant at Arms. Club officers will be trained how to manage all club businesses including club meeting quality, marketing and public relations and membership managements. Every year, District 97P will organize 2 COTs for Term July-December and Term January-June.
1st COT
22July 2018
2nd COT
- Febuary 2019

Why should Toastmasters who are club officers attend Club Officers Training (COT)?

Shelia Spencer, DTM, mentioned 9 great reasons for Toastmasters who hold responsibilities as club executive committees to attend Club Officers Training (COT) organized by Toastmasters Districts. She has held all club offices and is grateful for the experiences of each. She is an active Toastmaster and freelance writer living in New York. Here are the 9 reasons: