By PID Poh Kim Siong DTM


The powerful communication combines both intellectual and emotional connections. For effective communication, whether your audience is one or 1,000, you must connect with your audience emotionally.

This is an interactive session that will allow the participants to learn how to connect with their audience without using any powerpoint.

Participants learn:

– To discover their own unique style and its effectiveness on connecting with the audience.

– To discover the importance of connecting with the audience.

– To influence others positively using the connecting skills.

PID Poh Kim Siong Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) of Singapore is a toastmaster of global repute, having conducted training sessions in America, Dubai, South Africa, Ireland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries. He is honored to be the only Toastmaster in the region with the distinction of serving as a judge at the World Public Speaking Championship Final 2005, 2007, 2009.

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