By Isra Smitabindu CC


You have joined Toastmasters. You’ve been doing the Toastmasters projects.

But why are you not growing your skills fast enough?

What if you have been blocking your own growth?

The GROWTH MINDSET has been discovered for 13 years, but most of us are still trapped in the wrong mindset that limits our success in life.

This FUN, FAST and FURIOUS experiential workshop will take you through activities and let you experience the Growth Mindset first- hand. Walk away knowing how to fulfill your potential, whether as a toastmaster, in study, in business, or in relationships.

Isra Smitabindu Competent Communicator (CC discovered Toastmasters in her university years, and it became a key success factor in her career as a trainer, facilitator, and executive coach two decades later. She has helped leaders in Thailand and across Asia learn the art and science of leadership and mindsets.

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