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How to Be a Confident Speaker

In order to be a confident speaker on a stage, you need to be a confident person in real life first. Now, you may have a question; how can I be confident? Or how can I raise up my confidence in real life?

Here are some keys to help you boost up your confidence in real life. First of all  let me tell you that before having confidence you need to be happy with yourselves first because happiness is actually a sister or a brother of confidence.

How much does it take you to be happy and confident?

Have a million dollars?

Be as smart as and as rich as Bill Gates?

Have a celebrity look?

Does it really take that much to be happy?

I Hope Not!

Have you ever experienced feeling happy when you just have a normal day and normal night? Relationship and work might be the same. Nothing has progressed further than you expect. It might be because of these reasons.

1. You just had a good conversation with yourself.

Having a nice conversation with intimate friends may make your day and night. But, this situation happens at random. It is not what we can really choose to see them, sit with them and have a cup of coffee or drink at the right time we need inspiration. Without realizing, some days, we are nice, compassionate and empathetic towards ourselves.

Some days, we are just so tough and judgmental that we put ourselves down.

If you think having good relationships with family, friends and colleagues might be a core element of having a good life, having a good relationship with yourself is even more important. No matter how many compliments you receive from others, if you disagree, you will not have a full great day.

On the contrary, on a day you receive a lot of negative feedback, if you are being compassionate, at ease and talk nicely to yourself, you can make yourselves have a great day.

2. You just had a nice ice cream of your favourite Flavour.

It is easier said than done to be happy with small things in your life. Think of small things you love to do or to have: just by having a coffee from a new beautiful cup, eating an ice cream of your favor, wearing a new pair of socks or change soap and spending longer time showering can easily makes your moment and day. Think of the time when we were younger, our days filled with joy by these small and beautiful moments.

3. You just achieved something that only you know.

Any little achievement can add up to be a bigger achievement. You know you have done well even though it is not yet time for other to see.

Treasure of focusing on what you have is fulfillment and happiness.. It is most often that we are not happy for what we have but we are happy for what we get. We demand for more of everything: money, love and including achievement.

As we set up our goal to achieve, we often feel we lack something.

Even though, it is important to acquire more knowledge and skills to advance our career, it is not less important to focus on knowledge and skills we already have. When we think of what we do not have, we feel inadequate and we depreciate ourselves.

In contrast, we feel fulfilled when focusing on knowledge and skills we already have.

Thinking about what you could have done yesterday, what you can do today and something you know you will be able to do tomorrow will boost up your level of happiness and confidence.

Happiness is a sister of confidence. And the true happiness comes from within. Having a good conversation with yourself, enjoying any small moments and focusing on knowledge and skills you have will bring in happiness and confidence.

After you are happy with yourselves and have confidence in living your life, moving up to be a confident speaker is not that far from your reality.


By Kasamon Pilantanadilok, ACS, CL

Download the PDF version of the Toastmasters Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 31/10/2017