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Meet the New District Senior Officers

Message from Leaders
November 21, 2017
November 21, 2017
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Meet the New District Senior Officers

Thaweesak Thadajariyawong, ACB, ALB – District Director

Nassara Suwansaraporn, DTM – Program Quality Director

Pipat Puengmongkolchaikij, ACS, ALB – Club Growth Director

Trent Millman, CC – Administration Manager

Watana Intaranongphai, CC, CL – Finance Manager

Nuchanath Aumpradithpun, ACS, CL – Public Relations Manager

Khanittha Klathinphu – Logistics Manager

Chua Wei Jie, CC – Webmaster

Thanoo Saowaros, DTM – District Leadership Committee Chair

Panonmporn Vajirakachorn, DTM – Pathways Chief Ambassador


Division and Area Directors

Division and Area Directors

Venus Dennen Claver, CC, ALB – Division A Director

Supara Bakavou, CC, CL – Area Director A1

Piyachat Dhephasadin Na Ayudhaya, CC – Area Director A2

Panhaka Nou, CC, CL – Area Director A 3

Suwit Chayabunjonglerd, ACS, CL – Division Director B

Alona Cosape Cario, CC – Area Director B1

Erlinda Celestino Agayan, ACB, CL – Area Director B2

Sununtawan Puekpattanaluk, CC – Area Director B3

Warangkhana Rittirong, CC – Area Director B4

Vincent Arpia, ACB, ALB – Division Director C

Methasit Kaewsufong, CC – Area Director C1

Chindarat Kiatpanachart, CC ALB – Area Director C2

Prae Piromya, CC, CL – Area Director C3

Apisara Sritulanon, ACS, CL – Area Director C4

Quan Do – Division Director V

Hieu Phung – Area Director V1