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Message from Leaders

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

I am deeply honored to serve as your District Director for the 2018-2019 program year.  This year, our theme is “It is time Do It Now!”

We, District 97P Officers, have pledged to support our members by incorporating the Toastmasters International values—Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence as anchor points in every decision we make.   This year, we will work hard at optimizing our resource efficiency to enable Toastmasters to gain visibility and better maximize our members’ potentials, and in the meantime expand the benefits of Toastmasters to more people and corporates region-wide.  Thanks to all devoted leaders who have volunteered to help us help their own and other clubs reach peak their performance.

As District 97P Director, I humbly request and challenge ourselves to the measurable concrete ACTION PLAN to achieve our goals for the common good.

Strategies Q1: JulSep 2018

  1. 1.Increase our membership base by at least 10 members/club.
  2. 2.Revitalize 5 currently inactive clubs.
  3. 3.Build at least 2 new clubs.

As aspiring and passionate leaders, we will use our talents and gifts to help first our own and then other clubs to not only retain existing members but also initiate the benefits of Toastmasters Life-Transformation Program to our prospects in all walks of life.


         The first District Council Meeting is to be conducted virtually.

         District 97P Contests: Only the International Speech & Evaluation Contests will be held at the District Annual Conference.

As Club Officers, your clubs success relies on your responsibility, so please kindly:

         Attend the 1st Club-Officer Training at Christian University on 22nd July 2018 to help your club earn credit points for the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Award.

         Proxy holders: Club presidents and secretaries and liaisons will receive an email this month on how to vote by proxy before the Annual Business Meeting in August.  I request all duty-bound officers to act on this leadership matter.

If you have any questions about the voting process, please email

Our considerable work ahead of us is to provide the best quality meeting arena for all members to master their effective communication and leadership skills and in turns helping others to become the leaders they want to be.   We have integrated the invaluable Pathways into our meeting program, as a result, members could rapidly apply their skills to spark different facets of their life.

Good News: We have had 100% ClubOfficer Lists submitted on time, Congratulations!!!

Now, let’s keep moving forward and help each other shape the future of District 97P.

Its time Do It Now!”