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Message from Leaders

Our District 97P is now growing with passionate Club President and Club Officer Teams as they wish to see their clubs become one of the strong clubs in our District. The Area Directors have put their effort in supporting and advising the clubs under their purview to grow stronger.  I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the team spirit throughout the District.

The Division Directors A, B, C and V help breathe life into the District’s tagline, WE GROW STRONG. That explains why our Division Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests in past few weeks were so successful. All clubs have been taken care of individually according to each club’s category. Some clubs had been revitalized, while others were newly born.

You can be assured that our District is now extending our full support to all the clubs at the Division, Area and Club levels, especially through training activities facilitated by the District leaders, so that they can achieve their education program goals.

With everyone’s support and great team spirit, our District can achieve the President’s Distinguished District Award within JUNE 2018. You may think there still too long to go until June 2018, but time will not wait for no one. Please follow your Distinguished Club Program (DCP), as it is the real indicator like KPI (Key Performance Index) of each club. Once you grow, Areas will grow. So will the Divisions and the District. You are the domino that sets in motion unstoppable force that allows us to grow as a District. Congratulate to you all in advance.

By Thawesak Thadajariyawong, ACB, ALB – District Director

Download the PDF version of the Toastmasters Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 31/10/2017