Message from District Director

Monday 19 August 2019
Denver, United States of America

It was a wonderful Monday afternoon at the newly built and gigantic Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center. CGD Nuch and I just separated after lunch for our own break-out trainings. I was carrying a bag pack with a laptop computer, same as many other district leaders who flew from all over the world to be trained and get ready for the huge responsibilities in the year to come. I went into a room and saw some familiar faces as we had joined the same training last year before.
The room is now filled with about 20 District Directors from many countries. At my table there are four District Directors from different countries. Each with his/her own uniqueness, leadership style, and challenges. We discussed about our challenges and it seemed like at least one or two people at the table had the same problems with the others.
“My district doesn’t have enough leaders to help with all the district work,” I shared. “My district is very small and that’s why we lack leaders. But we are trying our best to build more because we know that if we can’t have more leaders then the district can’t grow neither.”
One District Director then turned to me.
“We used to be in the same situation before. Toastmasters just came to my country about 12 – 13 years ago and we had huge geographical distances among the clubs we had. But it didn’t stop us. We grew from one single club to four districts in twelve years. The problem we have now is that we have too many people who want to be district leaders. Last year our election lasted for five hours.”
‘Five-hour election!’ I exclaimed in my mind quietly.
“Pipat, I know your main goal is to reach 60 clubs and become a full district. I did one strategy. I marked the locations that I want to have Toastmasters clubs on the map and recruit a team to make it happen. How many people are there in your district? More than a hundred million? That’s a huge population and I’m sure there are still a lot of rooms for Toastmasters. You just need to have a place with reasonable price, a location with a lot of people, and some Toastmasters leaders who can attend help with the new clubs regularly,” another District Director talked to me. I met him at this training last year too. “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.”
That wasn’t a bad idea. In our district there had always been more community clubs and they could sustain for a long time. We could do something like this too.
“Most of the leads who submitted their interest in chartering a club are corporates. This should be skillfully handled by the district or experienced members. But for community clubs, we can build right now by ourselves,” he continued and I agreed with him.
The conversation continued. The more we talked, the more clearly I saw the differences in our problems, cultures, and characters. Despite of all these differences, there was one thing I could see in all leaders here obviously. I looked around and I saw twenty fighters in the room. Fighters who had been committed to achieve district mission. Fighters who knew taking the role would bring more challenges to their lives and yet they took it. Fighters who felt overwhelmed sometimes but were able to recharged their soul and continued to fight again and most importantly they fought for the others, their members.
After the session I thanked everyone in the group. I also gave them some Thai souvenirs and invited them to come to our District Conference on 23 – 24 May 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.
While I was looking around, there came a noise across the hallway. CGD Nuch came to me with her new CGD friend she just met at the training.
“How was the training, Dr. Nuch?” I asked.
“It was great. I learned so many new things from other CGDs,” she replied with excitement.
“I’m sure you had a great learning time. I also learned one new strategy to build more clubs in our district. Let’s have a coffee break and I’ll share with you. Maybe we can implement this strategy in our term.”
Later in this newsletter you will find a pilot program for building community clubs in some locations. The beginning it was just an idea. Now it is being implemented.

Last month I got one suggestion from a senior member, DTM Alan. His suggestion was for Toastmasters to do PR in office buildings where there are thousands of employees. One attempt, big impact. That idea is also being considered and I thank him for the suggestion.
In the past being a provisional district did not seem to be a big problem for many members. But now it’s different. The signal is clear that we need to achieve the full district status and that is what all District Leaders have in their minds at all times. Sixty clubs is not a difficult target to fight for but I need all of you to fight with us. If you see any opportunity for Toastmasters to have a new club, do some PR activity, or even be “Knowledge Partner” with some educational events, please inform us. The concept of Knowledge Partner was introduced to me by Region Advisor Brillian. We can offer speakers, training for their speakers, or recognize their events at our Toastmasters events too. This is what some Districts are doing with TEDx.
Let’s gather the best opportunities you see in your areas.

Pipat Puengmongkolchaikij, DTM
District Director 2019 – 2020
District 97P

Message from Program Quality Director

Maximize your Toastmasters journey! Take a step towards participating in the upcoming speech contests.

The purpose of a speech contest is to provide an opportunity for speakers to improve their speaking abilities, to recognize individual Toastmasters as an encouragement to all, and to provide an opportunity for all Toastmasters to learn by observing speakers who have benefited from their Toastmasters training.

If you’re planning to compete, understanding the speech contest rules will give you an edge in winning the contest. This compilation offers fundamental principles to help members understand speech contests.

You can also follow this link for additional resources.

Strike the Target!

Venus Dennen Claver, DTM

Program Quality Director

Message from Club Growth Director

“Begin with the end in mind” – Stephen Covey

We are half-way through the 2nd quarter of Toastmasters year 2019-2020. Toastmasters motto of “Where the Leaders are Made” is revealed in the differences that are made: from one meeting to the next, from one speech to the next and from one Toastmasters quarter to the next. For me, this 2nd Toastmasters quarter has been like a quick spark and flame of a match. We began with ignited ideas, aspiration and goals to grow to our target of 60 clubs by December 2019, after our District Leaders’ Training in Denver, Colorado, in August. District Trio: Director Pipat Puengmongkolchaikij, Program Quality Director Venus Dennen and I have been flaming with creativity, collaboration and club quality endeavors.

Take time to consider how you have changed over the last quarter: have you expanded your network? Brought a guest to your club meeting and turned him/her into a member? Build a new club? Deepened your friendships with your network? Discovered new and rewarding relationships? Whom have you motivated? The “who” of District 97P Toastmasters illuminates the “who” in you!

What has changed for you in the last and the current Toastmasters quarters? Whether it be a badge, a level completion, a Pathways path, a ribbon, a trophy, your DTM, club and district officer leadership, a distinguished club/area/division status or your first speech, we have grown and learned together and that is worthy of reflection and celebration. I’ve learned great and difficult lessons during the past two quarters and I’m thankful for the space and a community of fellow Toastmasters who allow me to grow, opportunities to learn and celebrate achievements together. The “what” of District 97P Toastmasters is an ongoing spark that will continue into the coming quarters.

Take time to consider what in your Toastmasters journey do you aspire to complete before June 2020? Each day and week, hold opportunities to take steps to reach those goals. Plan those steps, map out what you will do and make your goals for 2019-2020 reality. Your club officers and mentors are there to walk along with you on your learning journey. The “how” of District 97P Toastmasters equips you with required resources and supportive environment for you to work on accomplishing your personal and professional goals.
As your Club Growth Director, I am confident that for the 2nd half of the Toastmasters term, District 97P will be able to focus on building clubs to achieve our target and promoting membership drive to build stronger and healthier clubs. To be able to achieve this, teamwork is absolutely vital. After all, “the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” – Thomas Reid.

A quick update on District 97P Status

Prospective Clubs and Club Leads

A warm welcome to our 3 newest clubs so far: AUA Toastmasters Club (Division B, Area B3), Advanced EIY Toastmasters Club (Division V, Area V1). Hanoi Toastmasters Club (Division V, Area V2), with a further 4 pre-charter clubs and more than 40 clubs in the pipeline. The 4 pre-charter clubs are: Muang Rayong Toastmasters Club, Ramkhamhaeng Toastmasters Club, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Toastmasters Club and Haiphong Vietnam Toastamsters Club. If you know anyone in these areas, feel free to invite them to join the club. You can send us a message for more information at

Membership Dues Renewals

2 Out of 48 clubs are processing their October renewal payments, with 3 clubs that are yet to meet the minimum renewal requirement: LAC Toastmasters Club, ThaiFDA Toastmasters Club, and UEH-ISB Toastmasters. Our Area Directors and Division Directors are working diligently to support these clubs. We believe that no club should be left behind.

What changes you would like to be celebrating this time next year? As you visualize your vision – the kind of person you aspire to become, you have already had your frame of reference to efficiently plan the strategy and the steps to bring your vision into physical reality. You will be able to measure and celebrate the success of your vision and goals upon completion. Begin with the end in mind.
Thank you all for a great quarter. You have motivated me and have motivated your fellow members

In your service,

Nuchanath Aumpradithpun, DTM
Club Growth Director

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